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Sabbinirica!  Welcome!  So glad you stopped by.  Remember when you were a child how you collected shells as you  wandered along the beach? I still do that...and I do the same with songs...Sicilian songs...

So, c'mon, wander along with me...


New CD from Terra Sangue Mare!!! 

We did it!  Terra Sangue Mare  ( Michael Delia, Fabio Turchetti and I) just recorded our first CD and shall  launch it in April of this year.   At the end of 2015 after a concert tour  on the East Coast here in the US and while  in the middle of a  concert tour abroad, we found ourselves in a recording studio in Prague. Not just any studio; this one had a comfy white sofa and was chosen for that specific reason. Months before, we  had tried to record and I kept falling asleep while sitting on a drum throne…

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Musica & Sagra/ Music & Feast 

     Autumn is officially here and the season begins for the Sagre. As my friend  Karen LaRosa of LaRosa Works  just mentioned in her photo-journal, “A Sagra is a festival that celebrates local food products and traditions. In Sicily they are ubiquitous, especially in the fall, when it is harvest time.” Just reading about Sicily and the Sagra got me to thinking…why not throw one?


    On October 19th at 7pm at the Music Room in NYC, I’ll be performing with my trio, Terra Sangue Mare. It will be our only…

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Sicilian Folk & Roots on the Morning Feed 

On June 26 & 27th, Fabio Turchetti and I had the great honor and pleasure of visiting Germantown, Philadelphia to perform.  With stops at the Mermaid Inn and a house concert for friends old and new, Germantown welcomed Sicilian  folk and roots music ( and us, too!) with open arms.  Before the performances, we stopped in at G-town Radio to chat with Ed Feldman and make some music; we were joined by the G-town communitarian, Rita Sinorita Fierro. Heartfelt thanks go out to the phenomenal Rita Sinorita Fierro…Read more

Warm thoughts, cold days... 

          Lately, my mornings have involved shoveling snow, throwing sand, spreading salt and commiserating  with the mailman over yet another  dire prediction made by  the tv-weathermen.  I have to wonder: how is it possible that a few short weeks ago, I was  in Sicily, where it was unseasonably warm for mid-November?  While I was visiting, Michele Termine from TeleRadioSciacca interviewed me at the Casa Planeta in Menfi.  Here is the interview which  took place in the midst of the installation, Discorsi…Read more

Music in Nature & Discorsi Dendros 

    If you listen, there is music everywhere. The most beautiful music comes from nature and when I am in Sicily, especially when I am walking among the olive trees  in  the mountains or through the pines along the ragged seacoast, my soul  becomes transfixed, ennobled and ever grateful at the sounds of the melodies and rhythms nature so freely composes.


    The nourishing connection to this natural music has been jeopardized not only by the clamor of modern life, but by the ravages of pollution.  …

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When a song wants to be heard, it will find its way to the world. 





    Like the wind or like a spirit, a song can be neither touched nor seen, but it can be heard and its presence felt.   Sometimes people have asked why I sing  the Sicilian songs I do.  I always tell them that it’s because these songs want to be heard.  It is as if they want to make their presence known. 



     In April of 2014, Fabio Turchetti came to visit NYC and brought with him a beautiful song, Navigando col Vento del Sud.  Written in Italian, it is a wish  for happiness for each…

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    “Sometimes, you just have to put it out there and let the universe do the rest.”   Those words hung in the air a bit then and while my brain just couldn’t process them, my heart quickly absorbed them. I was listening to the counsel of my friend, film-maker Steven Robert McCurdy.  He had come to the East Coast to screen his film, ‘Postcards From Italy.’  Those of us who ventured out on that cold winter’s night were treated to Steve’s tender and heartfelt film homage to Southern Italy and her people.


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Ancestors, reposted from June 12, 2014 

         Sunday at dusk in a lush and verdant garden aglow with fireflies,  I sat next to the mbira master, Chartwell Dutiro , and experienced a kinship transcending time and cultures. I had come to hear his concert and was fortunate to have a few moments to speak with him. We shared our tradtions and stories about our work with them. He spoke about the mbira as a means of communication with the ancients. In the Shona culture, it is as a telephone to the ancestors.  Chartwell counseled me to speak to my…

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New Year, New Website, New what else is NEW? 

It's great to see you again! So glad you came to the blog for a visit.  This is a year promises to be a grand musical adventure so if you are coming along for the ride, fasten your seat belts! 

A few weeks ago in November, I was back in Sicily.  This year's first three blogs posted on January 11th are some odds and ends I jotted down while traveling.  So enjoy these random thoughts  and get ready for lots more...


Eolo Celebrates the Feast of Santa Lucia

 —  —

Bar Eolo: Sicilian Kitchens & Wine, 190 Seventh Avenue, New York City

Join Eolo & Rosa Tatuata for a celebration of the beloved patroness of Siracusa and most of Sicily, Santa Lucia. Chef Melissa will prepare an array of delicious Sicilian dishes traditionally made to celebrate Santa Lucia having saved Sicily from famine while Rosa Tatuata will perform the passionate and stirring folk and roots music of Sicily with some added Sicilian songs to celebrate Natale! Enjoy some traditional cuccia and dance a ballettu and even listen to a Santa Luciota! ( a traditional song from Santa Lucia di Mela, where St. Lucia is also patroness)

Wilmington Friends of Italian CultureI Presents - A Program of Italian Musical Culture


WILMINGTON FRIENDS OF ITALIAN CULTURE PRESENTS- A PROGRAM OF ITALIAN MUSICAL CULTURE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2016 AT 3:00 P.M. A ARCHMERE ACADEMY, THE PATIO ADMISSION IS FREE. The public is invited! Starring Vince Marinelli (Clarinet)Works by Finzi, Rota, Marcello, Mancini, Paganinni. Charlie Rutan & Michela Musolino Traditional Sicilian and Abruzesse selections on traditional instruments, sung in Siclian by Michela EVERYONE IS WELCOME! ARCHMERE ACADEMY LOCATED AT: 3600 PHILADELPHIA PIKE IN CLAYMONT, DELAWARE. Parking is available. Enter the parking area off Manor Avenue.

Commedia dell'Arte Winter Holiday Workshop

 —  —

CENTRO ESPAÑOL, 239 West 14 St, New York, NY

"Commedia dell'Arte players with their techniques, talents, specialties; take the scenario, jumping into the theatrical void together, creating new theatrical adventures every moment. To get to the "jumping into the void" state, use an exercise developed by the late master, Carlo Mazzone-Clementi." Stanley Allan Sherman Roving Classical Commedia University* Mask Arts Company Presents Commedia dell'Arte winter holiday workshop For: actors, artists, singers, dancers, directors, clowns, teachers, students and variety artists on all levels

I'll be visiting the workshops to teach folk dance and Southern Italian Frame drum techniques.

5 Days 2016 December 26 - 30 Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 3:00PM

In the spacious salon of CENTRO ESPAÑOL 239 West 14 St, NYC $395 212-255-2882